Mobile Apps for Massage Therapists

Facebook and Twitter both have apps to be downloaded onto your smart phone or tablet, so you are never out of touch.  But did you know that massage therapists who use an online booking service can generate quick sales by adding a booking link into a tweet? Pretty cool!

I was a diehard pencil and paper scheduler. Clients would call and I could take an appointment anywhere, anytime… long as I had my calendar with me. Which wasn’t always the case.


So, I was a frequent “let me call you back” kind of therapist. Let me tell you, this practice didn’t help increase my client base.  Thank goodness for online scheduling systems.

There are many online schedulers to choose from[1]:


This is one of the most popular online schedulers for massage therapists and it has a nice user interface. Some notable highlights include a mobile app, nice Facebook integration, and email marketing tools.


Genbook is also a very popular scheduler. It also has a good user interface and integrates well with your website. It also has a mobile-optimized management portal.


Schedulista is a fairly simple but elegant online scheduler that has some nice features like customized per-service online booking options, mobile apps, and integration with Google Calendar.


This one is a powerhouse. According to one user we surveyed, “it does everything!” It is a very comprehensive application that includes online booking, a CRM, eCommerce, gift certificates, marketing tools, and membership features with discount options. It’s suitable for individual massage therapists as well as larger spas. SpaBooker also has multiple pricing options for different plans.


BookedIn is an interesting service because of its pricing model. It has the same general features of the other apps, but it is priced per appointment. The system charges you 35 cents for each appointment. Pretty unique!

Look at them to find the one that best suits your needs, budget, level of services, etc. Also check to see if the online scheduling system has a mobile version. Mobile scheduling software applications include features to efficiently and quickly administer your appointments, schedules, staff and customers.[2] All of your information can be access from anywhere, anytime. It’s in the cloud. Safe and secure from power outages and hackers. Using a mobile app can save time, increase productivity, and include some cost-reductions at the same time. Who doesn’t love saving money?

These online scheduling apps are great, but how can they help you get more clients?  That’s where ZEEL comes in.  Zeel is a Massage On-Demand app (free) for a smart phone. Clients download the Zeel app and can book same-day, in-home massages with licensed and vetted therapists. Therapists signup and join the Zeel network of therapists. Currently Zeel is only available in NYC and Miami areas, but it is growing fast.

Tip: Make it as easy and convenient as possible for your customers to get an appointment with you.


[1] Massimo

[2] Appointment Plus


4 thoughts on “Mobile Apps for Massage Therapists

  1. Great post Jeanne,
    Impressive way you explained the availability the application are for scheduling. I will definitely put them in consideration. I am still using the application on my smartphone; not even sure the name of the application. The application tends to keep everything organized. This is a saving grace for me; have birthdays, anniversaries, appointments personal or business, dead-lines, and more.
    Enjoyed your posts

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