Let’s look at two well known spas Mirbeau Inn & Spa in Skaneateles, NY and Omni Resort Grove Park Inn in Ashville, NC and see how they each utilize social media.

Mirbeau large room

Mirbeau Inn & Spa
Situated on 12 acres in Skaneateles, NY, Mirbeau is a 34-room Spa Resort combining the amenities of a French country inn, a world-class spa and nationally acclaimed fine dining, all with the elegant comforts and residential feel of a wine country estate.


The Inn and Spa buildings are clustered around sumptuous Monet pond gardens. The exterior architecture, interior décor and landscape design are reminiscent of a Provencal French Country Estate.[1]

Mirbeau room

Our 14,000 sq ft Spa Mirbeau is designed to offer a protected place of elegance and comfort. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and staffed with highly experienced professionals, Spa Mirbeau is one of the top spas in the country with numerous national accolades and awards.[3]


Omni Resort Grove Park Inn

Grove Park Inn massage

Located in Ashville, NC, Grove Park Inn is “one of the South’s most venerable and famous grand resorts. Built in 1913, the resort overlooks the Asheville skyline and provides guests with majestic views of the legendary Blue Ridge Mountains.”[5]


Our 43,000-square-foot subterranean spa features cavernous rock walls, arches, tunnels and 20 water features. The main pool area features two therapeutic waterfall pools, a warm mineral pool and lap pool with 6,500 fiber-optic stars embedded in the ceiling and constant underwater music.

Grove Park Inn Waterfall Terrace

Three fireside lounges await you with overstuffed chairs, warm blankets, light snacks, hot organic teas and herbal infused waters. And step outside to enjoy fireplaces, whirlpool, and a tiered outdoor terrace with panoramic mountain views.[7]


Both of these resorts are stunning, but how well do they utilize social media to enhance their efforts?

Mirbeau Grove Park
SM Platforms listed on their website Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Trip Advisor, Google +, Pinterest.
What does their social media accounts look like? Both resorts utilize lost of pictures and videos. They both promote the resort and its various aspects (food, rooms, event hosting, weddings, etc.) and charm of the local area.
Mirbeau highlights its Provencal French Country Estate feel. Grove Park highlights various aspects.
Fans Fans are less engaged more apt to click “like”, rather than comment. Fans are much more engaged. They are more apt to make comments on various posts.
How they utilize social media They are pushing advertisements. They have multiple deals & sales promoted at the same time. There is minimal customer engagement, just shouting which make it almost seem like begging. When they post, they connect the resort to money. They do also post specials and deals they are promoting, but it doesn’t come across as pushy. They incorporate a lot more informational posts about the resort history and area. They connect the resort to emotions of potential visitors.

Posts to Facebook since July 1, 2014
37 – 22 (59%) included rates for services or deals. 6 posts were advertisements for the spa.
Mirbeau Dining
Mirbeau posted a comment about the stunning view from their porch for dining: “Claim your table on our porch overlooking the Mirbeau Pond Gardens today for lunch or dinner. 877-647-2328 http://mirbeau.com/skaneateles/dining#menus

There isn’t a bad seat for porch dining at #Mirbeau. Won’t you join us for lunch today? 877-647-2328”


While it does look a nice view…I’m already thinking about how much it’s going to cost me.

Grove Park
22 – Two of these posts (9%) included rates for services for deals. Only 1 was for was for the spa. The remaining  posts were informational, historical, interesting and appealed emotionally to viewers.
grove park inn view
For example: They posted – “Absolutely #stunning day to relax on our terrace and watch the world go by.” And posted a picture from their terrace.

<sigh> It does look amazing and very relaxing and I want to go. I don’t care how much it costs, I want to go.


Mirbeau vs. Grove Park
Successes? Both resorts have been active on SM since 2008, however Grove Park has managed to attract 5x the following on Facebook and with half as many tweets on Twitter, Grove Park has gathered 3x the number of Twitter followers.
What’s the difference? Grove Park is engaging their fans. Cultivating a relationship. On Twitter they are listening. If they see a tweet saying what a great job they have done by a recent guest, rather than just retweeting it as Mirbeau might do, Grove Park tweets a thank you to that person.

Mirbeau selling and yelling, asking people to spend money. Grove Park Inn is connecting and engaging, asking people to feel emotions.

Recommendation Grove Park Inn will serve you better all around.

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4 thoughts on “Differentiation

  1. You had me at the pictures of Grove Park. It looks beautiful. It’s nice to know that not only does their resort looks breathtaking but that they are engaging with the clients on social media. Based on your blog post, I would consider a trip to Grove Park. I don’t like it when advertisements are pushed on me. I would prefer a soft sell.

    • Karen – thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I agree with you too about preferring a soft sell. They have spent lots of money getting Mirbeau to resemble a French Country Estate – let the beauty & serenity of the place sell for you. I would love to pretend i’m in France, here is a great local way to escape. But right now, for the way Mirbeau is presenting themselves, all I’m thinking about is how much it’s going to cost me and not how amazing their facilities are and what they can provide. Thanks again for taking the time to check it out.

  2. Nice post,
    Grove Park and Mirbeau are very nice. Comparing apple to apples this would be a tough one. My wife took me to this place in Florida for my last birthday Little Palm Island, it was awesome as well as these. When we get in the number games, the little things that makes us successful are over looked. Basically, it is going to come down to the lowest level; the person performing the services. How well did you feel afterwards and most important would you return.
    This for our family was yes, we plan to return to the Island as well as the spa. The experience was worth the wait. These two resort area would be no less for the consumers that visit. It would be worth the wait and most of all a return visit.

    • Ronald, thanks for taking the time to read my blog and you are right. It is the people we deal with at the spa or resort that frame our reference for the visit. Was the massage all you were expecting? or was it more blah? I looked into Little Palm Island a little bit and I’m totally sold by looking at their website (http://www.littlepalmisland.com/). Go kiss your wife – she’s amazing for taking you there.

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